Client: Taylorsville Department of Public Works
Location: Taylorsville, NC

Energy Savings through Diffuser Modification

CUSTOMER PROFILE: The Town of Taylorsville, NC, Department of Public Works operates an activated sludge wastewater treatment facility serving a population of approximately 2,100 persons.

PROJECT SUMMARY: When the Town of Taylorsville (Town) recognized the need to replace the diffusers in their aeration basins, they were open to either a replacement in kind or an upgrade. Satisfied with service they had received from the existing EDI system, they called EDI and aske dus to bid on the performance-based spcification. The resulting upgrade saved energy while providing flexibility and potential increased capacity.

EDI's team of aeration experts evaluated the Town's system and needs, determining that the Town could achieve significant energy savings simply by upgrading their aeration diffusers to greater density and lower airflow per diffuser. The existing configuration required using two basins to meet treatment objectives.  Adding additional diffusers to the array increased the operating efficiency and capacity of the system and allowed the Town to operate one tank to treat the current load. The total aeration requirement for the plant was reduced by twenty five percent (25%). The resulting energy savings quickly paid for the capital cost of the additional diffusers and provided the Town with an excellent return on investment.

The Town now has a standby basin capable of treating the total flow, making maintenance easier and much less stressful. Having a standby basin provides operational flexibility and greater stability to the treatment. In the future, the standby basin could also be used for increased treatment capacity, an important consideration for a Town that realized a 14.7 percent growth rate in the latest census.