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Aeration WorksTM provides factory qualified experienced infrastructure support teams to provide single-source responsibility for installation, refurbishment, long-term preventative maintenance, & subcontracted services. Partnerships with design build contractors for major projects are also managed through Aeration WorksTM. Aeration WorksTM can: install new aeration systems, maintain or refurbish existing aeration systems, develop & implement long-term maintenance programs, service all brands of aeration systems, & provide service from offices around the world.

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AerationWorks Staff Certification List

  • Specialized Equipment for Diffuser Installation>
  • Factory-Certified Diffuser System Technicians
  • Certified Confined Space Technicians
  • Forklift/Small Construction Equipment
  • ISNetworld Compliant Welding
  • Hubbell-Certified Anchor Installer
  • Certified PVC Solvent Welders
  • Certified PE Fusion Welding
  • DISA Compliant
  • H2S Training
  • OSHA 10
  • CPR Certified



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Do you know your plant could run more efficiently, but are not sure what steps to take?

Our team can evaluate your system and give you what your system needs. We can provide a unique solution with our installation, maintenance, or replacement services. Just download and fill our our Evaluation Form, submit it, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


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Taylorsville, NC WWTP

The Town of Taylorsville contacted Aeration Works for a System Evaluation. System improvements included additional diffusers and air piping. Plant capacity was increased to allow the normal waste stream to be run through one of two basins for operational flexibility. The Infinity Maintenance Program was also chosen to insure the system is running in optimum condition going forward.

St. Anthony, ID WWTP

The City of St. Anthony was shopping for replacement diffuser membranes on a competitor's system that was no longer manufactured. Through a collaboration with Aeration Works and the Operator, it was determined that the existing piping could be used for an upgrade to EDI diffusers, which gave the operator the most current diffuser technology and increased operation flexibility. Aeration Works provided a Turnkey solution with materials and installation labor.

Curtiss, WI WWTP

The Village of Curtiss and their Consulting Engineer called Aeration Works requesting maintenance on the 10-year-old system. Aeration Works reviewed the system design and determined that the performance could be increased by upgrading the existing diffuser models without modifying the piping. This solution minimized the cost and allowed the operator to meet permit requirements. The Infinity Maintenance Program was selected to maintain the equipment in peak operation conditions.

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AW Installation & Warranties


EDI's Aeration WorksTM (AW) division streamlines project delivery by providing factory-authorized installation services. This means you have the best in system design and installation. You simply provide access to the tank, lagoon, or basin and contract AW to do the rest.


There are four (4) warranty options available for the end user when Aeration Works is involved in the installation of an EDI system:

This inspection by qualified Aeration Works personnel is performed to make sure all aspects of the installation were done in accordance with factory-standard procedures. Once confirmed, Aeration Works warrants the start-up performance of the system.

When an installation is accomplished under the direct supervision of an Aeration Works supervisor, the system is certified that it will perform to the factory specifications.

After a contractor installed system is ready for startup, Aeration Works can be contracted to do a complete and thorough inspection. Any items determined to not be correctly installed are then brought to the attention of the system operators.

When AW is contracted to install a new system, extended warranties (for both product defects as well as system performance) are available.

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AW Maintenance Programs

AW extended maintenance programs help your plant run longer and better, from replacement, to preventative maintenance and diffuser cleaning. Let Aeration Works™ do the dirty work for you.

Preventative Maintenance
This program allows facility operators to outsource the regularly scheduled aeration system maintenance. Our team will take care of basic system maintenance by cleaning diffuser membranes and making any required system repairs.

The Infinity Program
Never worry about your system’s efficiency levels again. Under this program, AW preserves the physical condition of the membranes through preventative maintenance procedures and will replace or adjust the equipment to ensure the system operates within a pre-determined performance envelope.

Membrane Replacement
Don’t let old, fouled membranes keep your system’s efficiency down. AW’s Membrane Replacement Program keeps your diffusers operating at their optimum performance levels by ensuring the membranes are replaced when necessary. You can arrange regular change-outs or contact our team on an as-needed basis.

Acid Cleaning
Diffusers are designed to provide efficient and reliable treatment of wastewater for many years if maintained properly. Diffusers are subject to fouling and deterioration and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning your diffusers should be part of your yearly scheduled maintenance program. EDI’s Aeration Works has the tools and the expertise to evaluate and clean your aeration system in a timely and cost-effective manner. No need to dewater your tanks or stop treatment — no downtime.

EDI Diffuser Acid Cleaning



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