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It’s fair to say that most wineries like yours are perceived as nurturers of the land
– advanced practitioners of environmental responsibility and stewardship.
But at what cost?

Fortunately, achieving superior sustainability while improving your bottom line can go hand-in-hand.

At EDI, we understand the importance of getting this relationship for you right – for years, we’ve been assisting wineries to reduce operating costs and prove their environmental leadership. Specifically, EDI employs best-in-class aeration technologies and advanced wastewater treatment expertise has developed over more than 40 years to achieve significant energy savings while improving discharge water quality for re-use.

Simply put, we solve your wastewater treatment challenges and add to your credibility as an environmental hero – all the while allowing you to focus on producing and selling more great wine!

In 2016, EDI was contracted by a prominent Sonoma County winery to design, fabricate, install, and maintain an advanced fine-bubble aeration system for their lagoon-based wastewater treatment process, replacing their outdated and inefficient mechanical aeration equipment. The challenge was significant – supply a turnkey wastewater treatment solution enabling the winery to increase its production capacity without expanding the lagoons or sacrificing effluent water quality, AND achieve net energy savings allowing for an aggressive ROI.

The results speak volumes, and of course, our client is delighted. Notably, EDI’s solution allowed this winery to achieve:

  • A doubling in wine production using their existing lagoon basin system.
  • Treated discharge water quality surpassing regulatory requirements, permitting the client to re-use 100% of the treated water for irrigation purposes.
  • A reduction in aeration system energy costs of 50%, allowing for an ROI of less than one year.

Make your plant perform, sustainably.


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