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Choose Your Perforation

Choosing the optimal perforation pattern assures premium (long-term) performance. EDI offers 3 perforation categories:


 High Efficiency
High Volume


StreamLine Hardware

StreamLine Coupling
1) Allows easy access and maintenance of individual modules
2) Can be used with any type of piping material
Standard Module Lengths
Super Strut Support
1) Highest mechanical integrity: exceeds stainless steel alternative
 2) Ease of installation: single anchor, fully adjustable

*Custom perforations can be designed for specific applications.


System Density Options

High Density
 Engineered for higher-efficiency applications.
Lower operation cost
Floor Coverage 20%–80%
High Density
Moderate Density
 Engineered for moderate efficiency
 Low capital cost
 Floor Coverage 4%–20%
Moderate Density


StreamLine Piping

StreamLine Membranes

StreamLine Perforation

StreamLine Comparison

StreamLine Installations

StreamLine Information Packet


StreamLine - Select Perforation