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Maintenance Programs

Three extended maintenance programs that help your plant run longer and better, from replacement, to preventative maintenance and diffuser cleaning. Let Aeration Works™ do the dirty work for you.


Aeration System Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

This program allows facility operators to outsource the regularly scheduled aeration system maintenance. Our team will take care of basic system maintenance by cleaning diffuser membranes and making any required system repairs. 

Aeration System Infinity Program

The Infinity Program

Never worry about your system’s efficiency levels again. Under this program, AW preserves the physical condition of the membranes through preventative maintenance procedures and will replace or adjust the equipment to ensure the system operates within a pre-determined performance envelope. 

Aeration System Membrane Replacement

Membrane Replacement

Don’t let old, fouled membranes keep your system’s efficiency down. AW’s Membrane Replacement Program keeps your diffusers operating at their optimum performance levels by ensuring the membranes are replaced when necessary. You can arrange regular change-outs or contact our team on an as-needed basis.


Acid Cleaning

Diffusers are designed to provide efficient and reliable treatment of wastewater for many years if maintained properly. Diffusers are subject to fouling and deterioration and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning your diffusers should be part of your yearly scheduled maintenance program. EDI’s Aeration Works has the tools and the expertise to evaluate and clean your aeration system in a timely and cost effective manner. No need to dewater your tanks or stop treatment — no downtime.

Maintenance Testimonials

"Aeration Works installed our aeration system in 2011. Since then, we have called upon them to perform maintenance on the system, do minor repairs and clean up the system. While working with Aeration Works crews, we have been able to do improvements to the system to make it run more efficiently. The crews are well-trained on the systems and know what it takes to fix any problem that may come up."

Operator - City of Linn

"Aeration Works was hired to install a floating lateral aeration system in a 1 MGD lagoon. Their crew had all of the specialized tools and equipment needed and had the system up and running in no time at all. As the system came up, we were overwhelmed with the mixing and aeration numbers we got. 

We purchased the Extended Warranty with annual inspection to make sure the performance stays top-notch. They have lived up to their guarantee on this spectacular design and installation."

Eddie Sechrest
Midwestern Refinery Contractor

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