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IC/EC Solution
IC/EC Solution

IC/EC Solution™

The Lagoon Solutions Internal Clarifier (IC™) and External Clarifier (EC™) Solutions represent an effective treatment improvement to the classical aerated lagoon system.  Insertion of either the IC or EC Solution changes the facultative or aerated lagoon process into an activated sludge process. The clarifiers provide excellent solids removal with effluent BOD and TSS potential of less than 10 mg/L. Sludge return from the clarifier to the Complete Mix lagoon increases biomass and prolongs SRT, which results in complete BOD and ammonia removal.

The activated sludge process has been proven over several decades as a means to effectively reduce oxygen demand and solids concentration in wastewater.  EDI’s lagoon-based activated sludge systems provide the operator with peace of mind that EDI’s 35+ years of lagoon process expertise will be available to quickly and effectively provide support with changing conditions.  As an American small business, we understand the challenges faced by operators of small- to medium-sized treatment facilities and strive to support the operation and maintenance of those facilities beyond our competitors.

 A few benefits of the IC/EC Solution include:

      –    Proven technology
      –    Relatively small footprint
      –    No algae concern
      –    BOD, TSS and ammonia removal
      –    Easy upgrade potential for total nitrogen and phosphorous removal
      –    Live operator support and easy aftermarket part availability

The IC/EC Solution is an excellent choice for facilities that want the proven benefits of an activated sludge process with the affordability of earthen basins. If your facility or planned facility is less than 100,000 gpd, you may want to consider the IS Solution. If you are looking for immediate advanced treatment and nutrient removal, or if your facility is challenged with high peaking factors, EDI recommends considering the IDEAL Solution for your treatment needs.

IC/EC Solution™

•  Internal clarifier - IC Solution™
•  External clarifier - EC Solution™
•  Full nitrification, even in cold environments
•  Maintenance without reactor dewatering
•  Maximum BOD and TSS control
•  Complete mix reactor

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IS Solution

Internal Clarifier and External Clarifier