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Industrial Aeration Solutions

Aeration Works

The Aeration Works™ division of EDI maintains special equipment, tools and skilled Field Service professionals for installation and service on any aeration construction or maintenance project.

Contractors, owners and operating companies can better utilize their own personnel, equipment and resources by enlisting the support of the EDI Aeration Works Division.

Industrial Aeration Solutions
Industrial Aeration Solutions
Industrial Aeration Solutions

Professional, efficient, and cost effective aeration services

Experienced installers have the training, knowledge and tools to do a job quickly and exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Superior products and experts with years of experience can help clients save money and time.
Familiarity with products and exceptional use of teamwork reduces time and increases quality.

Diffuser Express

Diffuser Express® is your single-source resource for all your membrane diffuser replacement or upgrade needs. All products provided by Diffuser Express™ can be considered “brand neutral” and used to replace most major brands currently on the market. Having EDI’s inventory to choose from means you can rely on Diffuser Express to provide you with the parts you need on a quick turn-around basis. EDI provides competitive prices, since pricing is always a consideration!

Diffuser Express
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Industrial AerationWorks

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