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Aeration Systems

Submerged Lateral System

EDI Submerged Lateral Lagoon Aeration System is a fitting solution when maximum system durability and maintenance are required.
The system is ideally suited for the most rigorous applications where the basin cannot be taken off-line for system maintenance. The piping system is ballasted and rests on the basin floor. Individual diffuser assemblies are fully accessible from the water surface allowing maintenance to be completed without draining the basin or interrupting the process.
Virtually indestructible, it features high-density polyethylene pipe for maximum durability. The ballasting system is specifically designed to withstand the large thermal expansion associated with HDPE. Each component and total integrated system is engineered for maximum system integrity and proven field reliability. Heavy-wall, high-density polyethylene pipe and welded construction are standard for all connections.

The mechanical design of the EDI submerged lateral aeration system performance has been field demonstrated in the most rigorous conditions. When applied in cold climates, complete basin freeze-over is not uncommon.
The EDI Submerged Lateral Lagoon Aeration System is available with the FlexAir® Tube diffuser for energy efficiency and low maintenance. A coarse bubble diffuser option is also available when energy efficiency is not a significant concern.

Submerged Lateral

Submerged Lateral Aeration System

•  Accommodates variable water levels
•  Well suited for cold environments with air piping ballasted to basin floor
•  Retrievable unites without draining
•  Well suited for low aeration intensity lagoons
•  Low maintenance

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Submerged Lateral Aeration System