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Aeration Systems

ModuleAir™ System

EDI ModuleAir™ System is ideal for applications where online system reliability and operating performance are mandatory. The system allows individual grids to be installed, accessed, or removed without draining or taking the reactor out of service.

 This System is available in varying diameters and lengths depending on application needs. Systems up to 60 ft (18 m) and air capacities up to 2000 scfm (3400 sm3/h) have been supplied.

 For tank applications, EDI ModuleAir System rests directly on the reactor floor. The assembly is typically lifted and dropped into position with an overhead crane.

 For lagoon applications, EDI ModuleAir System is provided with adjustable base plates. The system is typically floated and lowered into position. Adjustable base plates allow the system to be leveled from the water surface.

 EDI ModuleAir is ideal for single-reactor applications where online installation and maintenance is required. Applications requiring supplemental oxygen supply, mixing, or energy upgrades are also suitable.

 Standard material of construction is stainless steel. This provides the required structural performance to support large grids. Alternate materials of construction, including galvanized steel and non-metal materials, are also available.


•  Accommodates variable water levels
•  Modular units resting on reactor floor
•  Available with multiple EDI diffuser options
•  Individually retrievable modules for maintenance without dewatering
•  For high-intensity aeration applications

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ModuleAir Aeration System