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Aeration Systems

Floating Lateral System

EDI Floating Lateral Aeration System is a unique solution when maximum installation flexibility and maintenance are required.

The system is ideally suited for applications where the basin cannot be taken off-line for either installation or maintenance. The system floats on the water's surface. Individual diffuser assemblies are fully accessible from the water surface allowing maintenance to be completed without draining the basin or interrupting the process. Suspended diffuser assemblies are available when uneven floor elevations exist or when the basin construction will not accommodate or support the diffuser assembly. Ballasted diffuser assemblies that rest on the basin floor are available for basins with level earthen, concrete or steel floors.

The EDI floating lateral aeration system is designed to withstand significant external forces from wind, heat, ice, and varying water level conditions. Each component and total integrated system is engineered for maximum system integrity and field reliability. Heavy-wall, high-density polyethylene pipe and welded construction are standard for all connections. Inline and optional cross restraint cables are used to maintain the position of the components.

Floating Lateral

Floating Lateral Aeration System
•  Accommodates variable water levels
•  Retrievable units without dewatering for low maintenance
•  Supports uneven floors with suspended units
•  For low intensity and conventional F/M

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Floating Lateral Aeration System