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Fine Bubble Aeration

FlexAir™ Disc

FlexAir Disc diffuser incorporates EDI advanced membrane technologies for superior aeration performance, flexibility, and reliability.

This fine pore, flexible membrane diffuser provide operational flexibility with maximum oxygen transfer efficiency.

The diffuser is equipped with premium quality membrane materials that are engineered by the EDI Membrane Technologies division. EDI’s proprietary membrane materials are engineered for superior product life. Multiple membrane perforations are available to optimize the performance of the diffuser for maximum operating efficiency, air handling capacity, or operating pressure. An integral triple-check valve feature prevents the backflow of liquid into the diffuser and piping.

The diffuser assembly is constructed of glass-fiber-reinforced polypropylene for maximum performance. This material option offers greater mechanical and temperature capabilities than conventional PVC or CPVC products.

FlexAir disc diffusers may be mounted with the EDI Universal Diffuser Mount (UDM) ¾-inch FPT (female) connection.

FlexAir™ Disc

Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser

•  Threaded or Saddle Mounted
•  Glass-filled PP construction
•  Available in 7-inch (178 mm), 9-inch (230 mm), 12-inch (305 mm)
•  Membrane or ceramic
•  Mounts on PVC, CPVC, ABS, SS piping options

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FlexAir Disc
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Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers